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Our Services

Commercial Loan Underwriting

Unfamiliar with a particular type of lending or how to deal with a specialty loan request? Unable to justify a full-time commercial lender on staff? Foothill Credit Administration provides experienced, specialized commercial loan underwriting support to banks, credit unions and non-bank lenders. grantors for a deal, for a period of time, or as an ongoing resource. Rest easy knowing that we’re here when you need us.

Credit Policy and Procedures

What types of loans are appropriate for your organization? To what standards should your loans be made? Documenting and communicating your institution’s credit comfort zone to lending and underwriting staff is the critical first step in building a profitable loan portfolio that aligns with your credit culture and risk tolerance. Tap our experience in establishing “best practices” policies, procedures and templates for your organization.

Loan Review

All banks are required to complete an ongoing, comprehensive review of their lending policies, credit administration and credit quality. FCA provides loan review services to ensure that banks are adhering to their own policies and procedures and administering credit in a way that is both prudent and consistent with industry best practices and regulatory guidance.

Problem Loan Workouts

What is the fastest, most cost-effective way to resolve your non-performing loans? Turn to our team of entrepreneurial bankers for some “out-of-the-box” thinking and creative and realistic solutions.

Broker Services

Are you a broker having trouble packaging a complicated loan request? Not sure how to best meet your client’s needs? Want a “Yes” the first time, and quickly? It doesn’t take long for a lender to make a decision once all the needed information is assembled and presented in the proper fashion. Let us help you get to “Yes!” sooner and with more certainty.

Special Projects and General Consulting

Buying a bank, or just a portfolio? Need help assessing the opportunity? We can do that! Implementing a new risk rating system and need to re-grade your existing portfolio? We do that too! Have a project to accomplish, but don’t want to take your lending staff away from their daily duties to address it?

Case Studies

Borrower Representation

  • The borrower is a Sacramento-area company in the construction industry.
  • They lacked the expertise to represent themselves to their bank during their loan renegotiation process.
  • This client wanted to honor their obligation but was unclear on how to communicate their willingness and ability to the bank.
  • Foothill Credit Administration translated the client’s financial information into a format and language that the bank understood.
  • Foothill Credit Administration summarized the client’s proposal in a letter to the bank which objectively showed the financial benefits of the proposal from the perspective of a workout officer.
  • The bank & the SBA approved the proposal, which resulted in $500,000 debt forgiveness for the borrower and maximum realistic recoveries for the Bank and SBA.
  • The bank was able to approve the borrower’s proposal within 2 weeks based on the concise documentation presented and advocated by Foothill Credit Administration.
  • This resolution allowed the borrower to be fully relieved of their obligation and retain their homes.

Credit Administration Consulting

  • The client is a regional bank in Northern California.
  • They lacked a concrete credit culture or protocol which caused inefficiencies in their lending activities.
  • The policies in place were outdated and didn’t reflect the current direction of the bank.
  • Foothill Credit Administration used our technical writing skills and loan review expertise to draft clear and concise loan policies and underwriting guidelines.
  • Foothill Credit Administration developed new policies that were current, in alignment with the bank’s current direction and with industry standards.
  • Improved efficiency throughout the business development and underwriting processes.
  • The contract with the client expanded to include loan work-out, compliance monitoring, and bank purchase due diligence services

Underwriting for Banks

  • A small community bank in the Greater-Sacramento area had a need for specialized SBA underwriting.
  • Client was concerned about their budget but needed a solution to complete reliable SBA loan eligibility and underwriting functions.
  • The bank had a business development officer who located borrowers but lacked the support staff to vet deal quality and to ultimately underwrite qualified loans.
  • Foothill Credit Administration reviewed deals quickly to determine eligibility for both the bank and the SBA.
  • We provided thorough, accurate and timely analysis and recommendations to the bank.
  • We provided scalable support on an “as needed” basis, allowing the client to limit underwriting costs on its SBA loan activities.
  • Underwrote 10 deals per year at 30% of the cost of a full-time staff underwriter
  • The contract with the client expanded to include C&I loans and loan work-out services.