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Welcome to Foothill Credit Administration

FCA’s mission

is to use integrity, industry knowledge and an unrivaled work ethic to help lenders maximize profitability through education and the development and administration of sound commercial lending practices.

Welcome to Foothill Credit Administration

We provide comprehensive commercial lending services to banks, non-bank lenders and borrowers. Established by seasoned, experienced lenders and credit administrators, Foothill Credit Administration specializes in all aspects of the commercial lending process including underwriting, annual credit loan review, commercial credit review, due diligence, and problem loan workout services. We also help lenders achieve industry best practices by developing underwriting templates, credit policies, procedures and guidelines, and training programs that ensure consistent and prudent loan portfolio administration.

Our unique experience with commercial lending enables us to underwrite loans for commercial brokers in a language that banks understand. This makes the approval process faster and more successful. Our loan workout experience allows us to use industry insights to help financially strained borrowers negotiate modified terms in a way that works for borrowers and their banks. From commercial loan underwriting to financial analysis training and policy writing, we provide complete commercial lending services and are designed to be a scalable, low-cost alternative to full-time underwriting and credit administration staff. Contact us to see how we can help you make prudent use of limited resources.

Our loan review services will ensure that you’re administering credit in a way that is both prudent and consistent with industry best practices.

Services and Specialties

Commercial Loan Underwriting

Have pressing loan requests with no “surge” capacity? Down a lender or two due to turnover, vacations, family leave…

Credit Policy and Procedures

What types of loans are appropriate for your organization? Under what conditions, over what area and at what price…

Problem Loan Work-Outs

What is the fastest, most cost effective way to resolve your non-performing loans? Turn to our team of entrepreneurial…

Broker Services

Having trouble packaging a complicated loan request? Not sure how to best meet your client’s needs? Want a “Yes”…

Case Studies

Borrower Representation

The borrower is a Sacramento-area company in the construction industry. They lacked the expertise to represent themselves to their bank during their loan renegotiation process…

Credit Administration Consulting

The client is a regional bank in Northern California. They lacked a concrete credit culture or protocol which caused inefficiencies in their lending activities. The policies in place were outdated…

Underwriting for Banks

A small community bank in the Greater-Sacramento area had a need for specialized SBA underwriting. Client was concerned about their budget but needed a solution to complete reliable…